How and Why Websites Get Hacked

Website Security: How to Protect the Website from Hackers For most small business owners, website security can be reduced to one main question: how to protect the website from hackers? Answers are not simple, since the issue is ever-evolving, complex and confusing. Website security is not something you set once and forget. Rather, it [...]

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Blog Post Length

How Long Should a Blog Post Be? Considering a blog to boost your online marketing presence? Good move. Blogging can help position you as the expert you are in your field, which builds credibility. Plus, well—optimized blog posts provide search engine optimization (SEO) to lift your presence in search results. I am always asked, “how [...]

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Get More from Your Website

Get More from Your Website: 3 More Ways to Put it to Work for You Have you ever considered that your website can wear many hats? There’s the obvious—that your website is probably the most important marketing piece your business will ever have. Yet there is so much more your website can do for you [...]

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How to Choose a Domain Name

5 Key Tips to Choosing a Great Domain Name If you’re setting up a new business, buying a domain name might not be your first priority as you plan the various other areas of your business operations. However, despite its low priority, it is one of the things that can have a big impact on [...]

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Branding on Your Website

Website Design and Your Brand: Does it Entice Customers? Would you take branding advice from a website design Santa Rosa geek? And, what does branding have to do with your website, anyway? As a business owner, no doubt you are keenly interested in acquiring new customers. You hope and assume your website does a good [...]

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Watch Out for Internet Pirates

Tips on Avoiding Internet Pirates, Search Engine Scams and Phony Domain Invoices Advice from Santa Rosa web designer… A client recently called me to ask if she should take advantage of Google’s offer for first page placement. “What offer?” I asked. She explained that she had just received a call informing her that Google had a [...]

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