Client Reviews and Case Studies for New Paradigm Marketing Group

Wisdom of WellnessFirst Page of Google and a Fourfold Increase in New Business

Case Study– Roseburg, OR chiropractor Lauren Schroeder wanted to expand her business. Her main goals were to increase chiropractic clientele in a city where the number of chiropractors significantly exceeded both the national and statewide per-capita average.

Dr. Schroeder also wanted to grow the wellness center’s clientele for therapeutic massage. However, she didn’t feel her former website provided the quality image or content to get the job done, and it didn’t appear on page one of Google for any keyword searches, including the phrase “chiropractor Roseburg.”

“We hired Tim Smith to create a website that would give us a powerful presence in our community. I was excited when I browsed other sites he had created.

With our new site, we are now at the top of Google for chiropractors in our area, and there are 31 keywords that result in a first page search position. We have a fourfold increase of new patients, and about half are coming from the Internet and our site. Patients remark how beautiful and informative our site is.

We are thrilled with this addition to our marketing and are confident it will continue to keep us alive in cyberspace.

And importantly, Tim was very easy and accommodating to work with. His ideas and knowledge gave me the confidence he is an expert in this field. had created.”

Photo- Anne Batte

Realtor Doubled Her Closing Ratio, Went from Zero to Four Deals a Month

Case Study- A Realtor® wanted to shift her focus from representing investors and instead work with residential buyers and sellers. However, she was concerned that the change might cause a significant drop in income until she ramped up residential client business.

But Anne Batte, president of the firm, didn’t wait long. She engaged New Paradigm Marketing for strategic planning and help developing her marketing message. Results came sooner than she expected.

“When you think of what it takes to completely alter your business focus, repackaging is critical and, in my case, it had to be at warp speed. Working with New Paradigm has literally changed my life. It isn’t just the written marketing material, it’s how they’ve helped me focus my strategic direction.

“There are multitudes of Realtors out there. And yet the average homeowner has little understanding about the differences in the services that Realtors provide. That was one of the key things New Paradigm did—help me differentiate myself dramatically through educating the public about what I do and why it’s different and better than all those other agents in the marketplace.

“I’ve used what New Paradigm produced to develop five different marketing campaigns aimed at completely different targets: buyers, sellers, builders, associations and neighborhoods. It’s impacted my web site, emails, letters, collateral, speaking engagements and even my networking success.

“One of the biggest results is my closing ratio. I’m also closing nearly 100% of the prospective buyers I talk to. Overall, I went from zero residential deals to averaging four per month and it looks like it will keep growing from here. I’m going to have to hire help in the near future to keep up with the growth.

“New Paradigm has helped me achieve long-term impact in a short amount of time. Investing in their services is a no-brainer.”

A Simple $13.69 Mail Campaign Produced their Most Important Lead Ever

Case Study- A small family-owned direct mail provider near Atlanta wanted to grow its sales. New Paradigm helped the company develop its communication strategy, a marketing plan and a series of direct mailers to generate leads from end users and alliance partners.

According to company president Jane Sauls, “We knew our company provides service that goes well beyond the competition at very competitive prices—often lower than most other mail houses. Yet we couldn’t understand why the phone wasn’t ringing and why we weren’t busy or profitable.

marketing-case-study-santa-rosa-caNew Paradigm came up with a one-page letter, which we sent to 492 prospects via standard mail They created an awesome idea for the offer, developed the concept and wrote a free report that prospects could request. We got 25 responses!

I was overwhelmed with the response. I am in the direct mail business, so I am aware of how it works. But the shock of getting more than a 5% response floored me.”

But, according to Sauls, the most significant marketing results so far came from her first—and the smallest—campaign. The idea was to approach larger competitors and actually ask for some of their business. She hoped to convince the bigger direct mail houses to outsource smaller, less profitable client work to her company.

“We sent letters to the presidents of just 37 large companies at a total cost of just $13.69 in postage. We all agreed it seemed to be a long shot, but probably worth the small investment. Almost immediately I got a call from one of the largest direct mail companies in the southeast.

After meeting with the chief operations officer, he told me they were interested in referring nearly 100 of their smaller clients to us as part of repositioning the company for greater growth. I could hardly believe it!

“Two months later, we are on a first name basis with four key employees of their company and getting regular referrals from them. We believe this relationship should easily grow our business to four times its current size within six months, and that ‘s being conservative!

“The increased activity we’ve enjoyed can be attributed to the focus and direction that New Paradigm has brought to our company. We are no longer wondering what we should do to grow. For the first time, we have a plan—a very clear written plan—and know exactly where we want to go and how to get there.”

Educational Approach Gets Instant Profitable Results for Roofing Company

Case Study A roofing company wanted a competitive advantage in a private, gated community. Home values were way above median value for the area, the roofs were large and multi-gabled, and roofing jobs there were extremely profitable. However, the residents were highly educated, savvy consumers where the typical roofer’s price-driven approach was not effective.

advertising-case-study-santa-rosa-caNew Paradigm Marketing produced an ad that educated homeowners on important issues about roof repair–particularly as it pertained to homes located in that community. The ad offered a free guide just for responding, and also contained specific information that differentiated the client’s company.

Roofing company president Jim Wilson wrote: “Thought you might be interested in knowing the effectiveness of the country club subdivision ad.

The homeowners newsletter came out yesterday, and already I have had three responses! Two people requested quotes, and the other one requested the roofer guidelines you developed.

“I should be able to close at least one of those leads, and the profit I’ll make on a complete re-roofing job means this is going to be a very worthwhile investment. Two of the people I talked to mentioned the content of the ad. Thanks again for your help.”

Not Your Average Marketing Guy

“The name ‘New Paradigm’ really speaks very clearly of Tim’s work in the world – he is most assuredly NOT your average marketing guy!

In fact, what comes to mind when I think of his work is descriptive words like genuine, engaged and heart-centered. Tim embodies these characteristics in his work, along with a deep sense of integrity, an ability to reach laser-sharp clarity, and the capacity to instill the kind of structure businesses need when they’re growing through strategic marketing.” –Laurie Lynn Hogan, Consultant, The Connection Company

A 2,031% Return on Investment (ROI)

“I am very pleased with the results. Being a great copywriter and general marketing strategist, Tim helped us with our direct marketing projects as well as develop an ongoing strategy. Besides his expertise, I was amazed at the quick turnaround of his work as well as his attention to detail. So far, we’ve realized a 2,031% return on that campaign.”
–Jacob Silberstein, Fantasy Fountains and Gardens

On Firmer Footing to Market his Business

“Thank you for the excellent services you’ve provided. I certainly have an entirely “new paradigm” on marketing since I’ve been working with you. I appreciate your expertise, your professionalism and the way you have modeled how to be a great consultant for me who’s new to the world of consulting.

Thanks to your efforts, I feel I’m on a much firmer footing to market myself to potential clients.” –David Gustafson, Potential Plus Consulting

Compelling Copy Exceeded Expectations

“I selected Tim Smith because of his creative and intuitive writing style to bring life to my business.

First impressions are the lifeblood on the road to success. When I created, I realized I needed compelling arguments to attract my desired audience. That called for clear and concise explanations about benefits and rewards to my audience.

Tim’s final product more than surpassed my expectations, and I would like to add my endorsement for his services.” –Bob Bedoar,

Exceptional Job on Law Firm’s Website

Tim did an exceptional job building our law firm’s website. Not only was Tim extremely helpful, creative, and efficient throughout the project, he was always very respectful and patient, two virtues to cherish.  I highly recommend Tim’s services.” –Ginny Wilkes, McCarthy & McCarthy, LLP, Oakland

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