Marketing Strategy and Planning from Santa Rosa Marketing Consultant

Strategy: Why it Matters More Today than Ever

Can’t you just put up a nice website and wait until customers show up at the door?

Fat chance. In fact, in today’s cluttered media environment, it’s harder than ever to differentiate a business and generate leads.

Strategy and planning–or the lack it–has EVERYTHING to do with your chances of marketing your small business successfully. 

This page lists our key services that lay the foundation for better marketing results.

Branding Strategy Services for Small Business

This strategic branding process is designed to differentiate your business in the marketplace and position it favorably for prospective customers.

Branding is more than creating your brand identity–the visual symbols that represent your brand, such as logo, tag line, packaging, retail trade dress, etc. 

It begins with key decisions you make about your market.

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Market Research Services and Surveys

If you’re planning to launch or enhance a product or service, market research data gives you the decision-support information you need.

Use your findings to improve products, services or your online reputation.

We gather customer and market intelligence through qualitative and quantitative surveying, customized to your needs. Ask for details.

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Business Plans for Investors or Lenders

Planning a new business or product launch? Looking for capital or other support? You will need a formal business plan that lays out the case for your idea.

We can help you develop a detailed, professional written plan to share with investors, partners, management and other key stakeholders.

See the sample business plan outline we customize for entrepreneurs.

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Strategic Marketing Plan and Consulting Services

Preparing to launch a brand new business? Entering a new space in the market? If you’re winging it, the going could get rough.

A strategic marketing plan transforms the typical business plan into actionable steps. It is a comprehensive written document

that addresses the entire range of strategies required to support your brand, generate leads and achieve your sales goals.

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Tactical Marketing Plan for Small Business

If your small business needs a plan to increase marketing results and revenues, the Tactical Marketing Plan is for you.

Tactical marketing plans are typically developed for existing businesses to increase sales on existing products/services, and/or expand into additional market segments.

This concise, focused and actionable plan is designed to target the “lowest hanging fruit” and grow revenue now.

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Improve Brand Consistency with a Core Message

Fragmented, inconsistent messaging hurts your ability to make a strong, clear impact on your market.

We identify the key components of your message and craft a concise written document that lists compelling reasons why customers should do business with you.

Helps form the basis for effective promotional copy as well as the foundation for a more effective working relationship.

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Instills Structure in Growing Businesses

“The name ‘New Paradigm’ really speaks very clearly of Tim’s work in the world–he is most assuredly NOT your average marketing guy! In fact, what comes to mind when I think of his work is descriptive words like genuine, engaged and heart-centered.

Tim embodies these characteristics in his work, along with a deep sense of integrity, an ability to reach laser-sharp clarity, and the capacity to instill the kind of structure businesses need when they’re growing through strategic marketing.
–Laurie Lynn Hogan, Consultant, The Connection Company