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What Happens when Content Doesn’t Sell

We all want the content of our website or promotional materials to sell someone on doing something.

But, when a writer isn’t trained in the important distinctions behind effective copy writing, here’s what happens:

  • Marketing materials and websites don’t attract or keep prospective buyers’ attention.
  • Copy doesn’t differentiate, so people see no compelling reason to choose that provider over any other. This makes competition tougher.
  • Customers who do engage the provider are more likely to view their products or services as a commodity. That results in more downward pressure on prices and profit margins.

See the section below for some important fundamentals about writing more effective marketing content. Keep in mind that website content can present complications, since we often write for search engines as well as the brain.

Fundamentals for Marketing and Website Content that Sells

content-writer-santa-rosaWhether you’re going to write your own or hire someone to do it for you, you should know the key distinctions behind writing effective marketing copy. Here are some important guidelines:

  • Know your prospect. Learn to stand in his/her shoes. Know what motivates them. They won’t come to your world until you’ve been to theirs.
  • Start with a clear objective. Decide what you want to accomplish with each writing project-and keep that in mind as you write.
  • Engage your prospect with emotion. Get attention and engage prospects by writing copy that touches pain or pleasure points.
  • Educate and differentiate with details. Go beyond generalities. Provide rational information so the left brain can justify a buying decision. Details build credibility.
  • Write about benefits. People buy solutions to their needs or desires-they buy benefits. So don’t just write about features-what your solution DOES. Focus on what your solution DOES FOR buyers.
  • Use a personal tone. Write like you talk. Avoid formal, stiff language and feel free to use conjunctions. Speak directly to your prospect, using the word “you” frequently.

Follow the “Magic Marketing Equation” when writing lead-generating copy. It outlines the necessary steps in the correct sequence to get attention and move prospects toward the desired action.

Benefits of Using a Trained Professional Content Writer/Editor

Writing or editing effective brochure copy, sales letters, promotional emails, website content, etc. requires specialized knowledge, skills and experience.

Here’s what you can expect when a good copy editor or marketing copy writer works on your promotional material:

  • Messaging that presents your business more professionally
  • More qualified prospects who select you based on your marketing–so they’re pre-sold before you even talk to them
  • Improved position relative to your competitors
  • Less pressure to reduce prices because your perceived value is higher

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Press Release: Four TV Stations Showed Up

“I needed a powerful message to put us on the radar screen, and your brilliant work did that! Thank you, Tim, for writing a press release and accompanying feature story that gained IMMEDIATE attention of four major news stations!

We literally had what they call in the media world ‘a clean sweep!’ News vans were lined up outside, patiently waiting to interview me. It was amazing!” –Anne Batte, Director, Operation Restoration

Collateral Creation Got the Job Done

“Tim was a great asset, driving a start-up from concept to completion. He was responsible for all copy writing and editing, web building, collateral creation and marketing strategy. His highly creative mind led us to our target market and got the job done. He’s a patient, loving man, and a lot of fun to work with.” –Robin Stuart, Principal, Robin Stuart Consultancy

Wrote Exciting Piece, Getting Response

“I want to thank you for an outstanding job. You really grasped the essence of our program and wrote an exciting piece that is already receiving the response we could only hope for. Your creativity and knowledge of marketing is putting us ahead of the herd.”
–Sam Sanders, Director, Envision Your Future