Want a WordPress Website, Santa Rosa? It’s Our Specialty!

wordpress-website-santa-rosa-designerLooking for a WordPress website? Santa Rosa web designer Tim Smith is a strategic marketing consultant who can develop a website that meets all of Google’s latest requirements—and helps you attract new customers. Why WordPress? Because it’s:

  • Open source, so many developers can build themes and plugins that integrate with the core application. This encourages innovation and expands the product options for people who want a WP site.
  • A content management system (CMS) that makes it easier to, well, manage content. Many WordPress site owners understand at least the basic functions so they can update their own website and blog at will.
  • The world’s most popular web platform today. Information from W3Techs shows that 54% of all websites using a CMS run WordPress. In addition, WP powers 15% of the world’s million largest websites and 24% of the active domains in the U.S.

Should You Build Your Own or Hire a WordPress Web Designer?

wordpress-web-site-responsive-design-santa-rosaSmall business owners on a budget often look for ways to keep costs down. WP’s reputation for being simple makes it look like an easy way to reduce expenses—prompting some to tackle the project themselves. However, it’s a lot harder than it looks.

WordPress used to be simple. Its most basic themes—the ones without bells and whistles—still are. But most business owners want something more, and this is where WP starts to get complicated.

The state-of-the-art “responsive” website themes (those that render equally well on both desktop and mobile devices) tend to be more complex. Add features like a slider, e-commerce capabilities, SEO plugin or other advanced features, and suddenly the WP dashboard begins to look like the inside of a Boeing 747 cockpit!

That said, do-it-yourselfers who set out to build a WP site typically don’t achieve all their objectives. Most spend considerable time on the project without producing satisfactory results, and they experience significant frustration in the process.

Why Hire Us to Handle Your WordPress Web Design

Here are four key reasons why you should consider New Paradigm Marketing as your web development partner:

1. Business Experience – NPM principal Tim Smith has executive management experience in media, ad agencies and corporate marketing. He has been an independent marketing consultant since 2004, and manages teams of specialists to produce websites and manage Internet marketing campaigns.

wordpress-website-designer-santa-rosaWe have worked with hundreds of clients in various industries, including non-profits, and has written business plans for national product launches and Tim has served as a senior consultant on various teams. In short, he understands business.  Read  his bio

2. Content Expertise – Since websites are all about content (that’s what the Internet is—the “information highway”), it’s important that your web design company understand the importance of content on your website and how to organize and present it.

It goes beyond simple grammar and punctuation. It’s about readability and hitting the mark with promotional content so it IMPACTS prospective customers. Our team of writers is managed by a former newspaper editor and ad agency executive. See writing services

3. Design Background – Design should be strategic—that is, it should take form based on the objectives of the business and the website. Designers who instantly “get creative” do their clients a disservice, since design is about far more than color and pretty pictures. Of course, how your website looks is very important.

Principal Tim Smith has three decades of design experience in the newspaper and agency industries, and brings a “designer’s eye” to the website development process. For examples of our work, see our Website Design Portfolio or Graphic Design Portfolio.

4. Marketing/SEO – Your website won’t do much good if your prospective customers never get to it. We can combine various marketing strategies to help bring people to your website. Depending on your goals and budget, these may include both traditional and online strategies, including search engine optimization (SEO). We offer lead-generation help from simple tactical services all the way to full-blown marketing plans. See marketing services or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services.

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Gets New Clients Every Week

“Every week that goes by, I get calls and new clients who have been on my website that Tim designed, sometimes six in a week. It’s the best marketing tool I’ve had in over 30 years of private practice.

Not only do people find me through Internet search, they often tell me they selected me because of my website. They say they feel that they know me more than with just a phone call. Tim is not only good at design, but he also provided advice on how to organize and develop my content.  

Because he has a background as a marketing specialist and has excellent writing skills, he helped me create copy that is compelling, informative, and motivational.”
–Barbara Molle, PhD, Psychotherapist

Receives Excellent Feedback

“I continue to receive excellent feedback on the website. You outdid yourself in creativity and being on target with the message. The site is clear, crisp and engaging.

It is also easy to navigate. I would recommend you to all of my business colleagues who are considering new websites.” –Karen Vyner-Brooks, Vyner-Brooks Associates

Website Looks Professional

“I was lucky to find Tim Smith. He was able to take my thoughts and images of what I wanted and put them on my website.

His rewording and editing made my website look professional. He really has passion for what he does, and he is easy to work with.”
–Jody Tucker, Good Days Pet Care