Our Approach: Three Key Ways We Help You Attract More Customers 

Begin with the Fundamentals

If you want to grow your business and your revenue, there are three fundamental strategic elements you’ll need to put in place:

  1. Great website that makes an impact on visitors
  2. Compelling message to differentiate you
  3. Blended lead generation to attract new customers

We help you with these essential pieces so you attract your customers’ attention and make a strong case for why they should do business with you.

As a strategic marketing provider for small business, we can help with all three.

Key #1. Start with a High-Impact Website

When it comes to attracting customers, the first impression you make may be the only chance you get. Unfortunately, too many small businesses end up with an ineffective web presence.

Prospective customers are not impressed by a patched together, do-it-yourself website.

And, they are not moved by a work of art that looks nice but doesn’t address answer their questions or differentiate.

What We Do:  We build you a high-impact website that’s attractive, well organized and easy for visitors to navigate. It supports your branding and represents your business professionally. Most importantly, it is designed to support your marketing goals by telling customers what they want to know about you and why they should do business with you.

Key #2. Develop a Compelling Message

DartWithout training, it’s difficult to write marketing copy that “hits home” with your prospective customers. You must write from the customer’s point of view, using benefit-rich content that connects with your target audience.

And you must write for the brain to get through the natural filter that keeps most content from getting believed–if it’s even noticed in the first place.

What We Do:  We write compelling marketing copy for our clients–or coach you on the fundamentals so you can write your own.

We show you how to differentiate your business and educate prospects on why they should choose you over other providers. Then we use that messaging for your website content and marketing materials so they’re more effective.

Key #3: Drive Traffic to Generate Website Leads

There are many ways to generate leads for your business. But for most businesses today, would-be customers usually start with a visit to the website of a prospective provider. That traffic can come from a variety of sources. These include digital marketing (like SEO and pay-per-click advertising), print-to-web strategies (like flyers or post cards that entice customers to go online for more), email marketing, social media and others.

But you can count on one thing. A website with no strategy to drive traffic is like a car with an empty gas tank. It may look pretty, but it won’t go anywhere.

What We Do:  We advise you on ways to create website traffic that fit with your business and budget. We also provide digital marketing services for clients who wish to invest in that.

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Helped Demystify the Process

“Before we met Tim, our website was so old and tired that we hoped no one would accidentally find it!

We were ready to relaunch our Gift & Incentive Business, so after a consultation, it was obvious that using Tim’s combined marketing expertise and tech experience would be the right move.

Since we wanted to be a bit hands-on with the process, he provided some great tools that helped us demystify the process,. Better yet, he welcomed our involvement in the creation… he was never intimidating, always responsive.

I love our new website, but even better..today a new customer told me that the site explained just what we provide and created the interest that led to the sale. Highly recommend that you talk to Tim, see what a difference it makes.”
–Kris Sudduth, Lasting Impacts

Professional, Easy to Work With

“I have Tim to thank for my kick-ass website. Not only did he create a great website that provides lots of information for my clients but he was so professional and easy to work with.  

I don’t consider myself a super techy person, and I’m so busy in my work that I sometimes get overwhelmed and drop the ball.  

Tim took this totally out of the equation. He made it so simple for me to get my website launched.

Additionally he helped me on some other marketing projects and, again, he made it so simple for me. I highly recommend Tim for all of your marketing needs!”
–Teresa Hubbard, CPA