Marketing Resources for Small Business

Please take advantage of these features designed to teach you how to better market your business and improve your website.

SEO Guide. Want your website to rank in search results? There’s a lot to know. This guide was written to give small business owners an overview. READ the Guide to Search Engine Optimization, Santa Rosa.

Website Project Organizer. Planning a new website project? This section of our website was developed to help you understand what’s involved in developing a website and give you an idea of what to discuss with your web designer. READ the Website Project Organizer.

Website Content Thought Starter. Writing promotional copy for a website can be difficult for people who aren’t trained and/or have never approached this kind of project. Here’s a guide developed to help you think through the text you’ll want to include to make your website effective. READ the Website Content Thought Starter.

Marketing Glossary. If you read a term on our site and aren’t sure what it means, check the glossary for an explanation. Let us know if we missed one. READ the Marketing Term Glossary

Do You Need Marketing Help? Ad response or sales not what you’d like them to be? Is it a temporary challenge, or should you be thinking about getting assistance from a qualified professional? These 11 questions will tell you if you REALLY need help. DOWNLOAD Do You Need Marketing Help

Is a Consultant Right for Your Business? A relationship with a marketing consultant can help you turn things around—or be a complete waste of time and money. This survey will reveal if conditions in your business are right before hiring someone to help. DOWNLOAD Is a Marketing Consultant Right For You

How to Evaluate a Marketing Professional. Considering hiring a marketing consultant or other type of professional? Caution: not all marketing professionals are alike when it comes to background, approach and results. These 10 due diligence questions will help you weed out the poorly qualified practitioners and select a solid professional to get the results you’re paying for. DOWNLOAD How to Evaluate a Marketing Professional

How Much Money Should You Spend on Advertising? With an eye on the bottom line, business people should calculate their Return on Investment (ROI) before and after committing money to a marketing program or advertising campaign. The ROI worksheet will help you answer this question, and your accountant or CFO will love the analysis! DOWNLOAD Marketing ROI Worksheet

How to Write More Effective Marketing Copy. You can learn to write more compelling ads and copy if you follow the “marketing equation.” Use this proven process to get your prospects’ attention, engage them and move them forward in their decision-making cycle with an offer. If you read no other piece in this section, don’t miss this one! READ The Magic Marketing Equation

174 of the Greatest Headlines of All Time. Stuck for a headline idea? You won’t be after using this handy tool. Contains a broad collection of tested, money-making headlines you can re-write for your own promotional material. DOWNLOAD 174 Greatest Headlines

Power Words That Sell. The right words make a difference, particularly when you’re writing promotional copy. Make yours compelling with this collection of power words and persuasive phrases. DOWNLOAD Power Words That Sell

Testimonial and Referral Form. Do you have a organized soft-sell way to transform comments from satisfied customers into powerful marketing material? This form helps–and also collects the needed signature you should have whenever using anyone else’s name and words to promote yourself. Attach it to your email thanking them for their kind words and asking for permission. DOWNLOAD Testimonial and Referral Form