WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress Website Maintenance: Who Handles Yours? If I were to ask you about WordPress website maintenance, chances are you would give me a blank stare. “Well, I do it myself,” you’re likely to answer. “After all, I manage my own content.” Or, maybe you don’t do anything with your website. Maybe you just assume that [...]

Your Site is Not Secure. WTF?

SSL: It's Not Just an Option Anymore... You Will be Embarrassed without One! Have you noticed something different with websites—maybe your own—lately? Something in the address bar at the top of your web browser? Look at any site’s domain name. There’s a little “i” inside a circle that precedes the domain. It will either be [...]

Get Mobile, or Get Left Behind

Get Mobile, or Get Left Behind on Search Advice from web design Santa Rosa geek: Get mobile, or get left behind in search results. OK, the big word is out from Google. Bottom line: If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you are definitely going to suffer when it comes to search results. So, what happened, and [...]

Why Care Where Your Website Lives?

Web Design Santa Rosa Geek asks, “What the heck is a WordPress Managed Hosting Account? Should you even care if your website lives in one anyway?” Like most business owners, you’re probably a non-geek who probably wants little to do with “techie” stuff like that. So, why should you care? Short answer: There are at least 6 reasons--all [...]

Don’t Fall for the Monthly Hosting Trap

Advice from web design Santa Rosa geek: Don’t fall for the monthly hosting trap! My brother called the other day to ask a question about his hosting. He is a successful attorney who maintains two websites as part of his online visibility strategy in the Baltimore area. Seems the service he’s been getting has steadily deteriorated [...]

Ignoring Accounts? Watch Your Website Die.

Website Design, Santa Rosa Geek: Ignored Websites May Disappear! When it comes to website design, Santa Rosa small business owners often resist embracing the technical stuff. But ignoring the basics can make your website go away—forever. WARNING: If you don’t think this can happen to you, think again. It has already happened to THREE of [...]