Online Review Management Mistakes

7 Online Review Management Mistakes to Avoid ...Today, a thriving digital presence is the key to the success of your business. In addition to blogs, social media, and video content, online reviews help drive potential customers to your business. These establish brand trust and authenticity in your offerings. [...]

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WordPress Plugins 101

WordPress Plugins 101, Those Special Purpose Website Helpers If you’re wondering what WordPress plugins are, you will first need to understand WordPress. The platform has traveled a long way since it first launched. Today, it has created a market and opportunities never imagined before. It is a powerful [...]

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Color Psychology on Websites

Using Color Psychology on Websites to Create Impactful Design Color psychology on websites involves finding the right colors to use on your website and have them work systematically. It can be a tricky business. But, color selection and use is an art of and in itself. All colors [...]

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The Threat of Pwned Passwords

The Threat of Pwned Passwords: Yes, You've Been Affected. If you’re wondering what pwned passwords have to do with you, let’s start by discussing data breaches. We keep hearing about data breaches; ever wonder if you have been a victim, too? Unfortunately, most of us have! Explanation of [...]

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8 Tips for Writing Engaging Content

Eight Proven Tips to Write Engaging Website Content Pondering how to write engaging website content that will attract and interest readers? Since web readers are notorious for having short attention spans, writing a blog entry or web page copy that keeps them engaged can be challenging. Challenging though [...]

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Google Page Experience Update

How to Optimize Your Site for the Google Page Experience Update The Google page experience update is almost here. After putting the update into effect, Google will utilize the signal as a direct ranking factor for different websites. But here’s a multimillion-dollar question: how to optimize sites for [...]

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How to Optimize Your Site for Voice Search

5 Strategies to Optimize Your Site for Voice Search You’re familiar with search, but how to optimize your site for voice search? When Google launched the Voice Search app for the iPhone back in 2008, it was far from perfect. But, over the years, speak-activated technology has become [...]

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Fake Reviews

Fake Reviews are Bad for Business— Even Yours. Here’s Why! The growth of fake reviews starts with online review trends. According to the Brightlocal Local Consumer Review Survey, 82% of all consumers check the reviews before trusting a local business in 2020. This means that online reviews—the views [...]

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Opt-In Email Lists

Opt-In Email Lists: Building a Goldmine in Your Business If a popularity contest were held today, opt-in email lists would surely lose to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Most people think of search and rarely consider opt-in email as their go-to marketing channel. When it comes to online marketing, [...]

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All About WebP Images

Compressing Pictures for Website Speed with webP Images What the heck are WebP images, and why should you care? If you are a business owner with a website, you certainly care about how your site affects users and whether it increases leads and customers—or doesn’t. So, here’s everything [...]

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