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Neglected or Poorly Maintained Websites Can Develop Problems

Improperly maintained or neglected websites often develop issues over time. These have nothing to do with the original design process.

What Makes WordPress Websites Different, and Why They Need Maintenance

Here’s why… The typical WordPress site today involves dozens or hundreds of interconnected pieces of technology. And ALL of them constantly changing.

  • WordPress core software updated 18 times in 2019 and 22 times in 2017.
  • Plugins, those special-purpose add-ons, change frequently (once or twice a month) to keep up with WordPress updates and new product developments.
  • Leading themes (the wrap-around skin to the core platform) usually update on much the same schedule for the same reasons.
  • Google keeps changing, impacting what’s on your site, how it works and displays.

Here’s the key point. Sometimes you can get away with clicking the little red “update” buttons. But, often the changes in one piece of technology cause conflict with another one on your site.

Then there’s malware and hacking (read our blog post about this). WordPress sites have a login, which makes them a target for hackers and various types of site attacks.

How You Benefit from a WordPress Website Maintenance Plan

If you are like most clients, you probably don’t have the background, time and/or interest to understand and manage all the issues related to site maintenance. However, unless you specifically subscribe to ongoing site maintenance, web designers typically do not continue to service your website after it has been published and approved.

With our WordPress Maintenance Plan, you don’t have to master all the technical details to keep your website healthy. We take care of your site for you. Not only does this save you time, it gives you peace of mind knowing you always have a trained WordPress website tech team on the job who will:

  • Monitor your site and your Internet accounts.
  • Oversee software updates to the core WordPress platform, theme and plugins.
  • Help in the event of hacking and malware.
  • Fix site issues and restore backup, if needed.
  • Offer priority support for maintenance plan clients.
  • Provide a monthly report so you know what was done.

See which of the three levels of WordPress website maintenance plans best fits your site. Then subscribe! No long-term contract.

Read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Website Maintenance Service

What Happens without Proper Website Maintenance

Here’s what can happen without website maintenance and monitoring:

  • Loss of site functionality
  • Poor page display
  • Slow page loading
  • Loss of site features
  • Degraded search position
  • Hacking, malware or site blacklisting
  • Complete loss of your website

Is WordPress Website Maintenance for You?

WordPress website maintenance is for you if…

  • You don’t know how to back up your site, and you’re concerned about losing the site.
  • You plan to update content or blog occasionally or frequently.
  • You want to tighten your website security
  • You have multiple plugins (most WordPress sites do).
  • You got user training on WordPress but don’t know what all those red “Update” icons mean.
  • You don’t have the time, interest or technical background to do it yourself.
  • You don’t want to manage or keep track your Internet domain and hosting accounts.

Standard Maintenance

  • Smaller, less active site, few/infrequent content updates, typically fewer than 15 pages and/or plugins
  • Core WordPress Updates
  • Theme Updates- Monthly
  • Plugin Updates- Monthly
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Monthly Activity Report
  • Performance Optimization- Monthly
  • No SEO/Keyword Monitoring
  • Security Monitoring: Malware Scan (1)
  • Typical Incident Response Time- 24 hrs (3)
  • Malware Clean-Up: $100 (4)
  • Discount on Support Services- N/A, Standard Rate

Advanced Maintenance

  • Active site, frequent content changes and/or blogging, typically 15-30 pages and/or plugins
  • Core WordPress Updates
  • Theme Updates- Twice Monthly
  • Plugin Updates- Twice Monthly
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Monthly Activity Report
  • Performance Optimization- Monthly
  • SEO Keyword Monitoring: up to 25 keywords
  • Security Protection: Malware Scan & Firewall (2)
  • Typical Incident Response Time- 12 hrs (3)
  • Malware Clean-Up: NO CHARGE (4)
  • Discount on Support Services- 10%

Ultimate Maintenance

  • Large active site, regular content changes / blogging, 30+ pages and/or plugins, ecommerce, premium plugins
  • Core WordPress Updates
  • Theme Updates- Twice Monthly
  • Plugin Updates- 2-3X Monthly
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Monthly Activity Report
  • Performance Optimization- Twice Monthly
  • SEO Keyword Monitoring: up to 100 keywords
  • Security Protection: Malware Scan & Premium Firewall, IP/Domain scan(2)
  • Typical Incident Response Time- 8 hrs (3)
  • Malware Clean-Up and Blacklist Removal: NO CHARGE (4)
  • Discount on Support Services- 15%
  1. Malware scan offered as part of Godaddy Pro service.
  2. Malware scan and firewall protection through Wordfence security plugin. Premium version applies to Ultimate level.
  3. Incident Response time applies to initial response and first diagnostic action. Issue resolution may take longer.
  4. No charge (first hour) for malware or hacking remediation for Advanced and Ultimate level, $225 for Standard level.

Website Maintenance Plans: Select Your Level

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