Charting Direction: Mission and Ad Slogans

Mission Statements, Ad Slogans and Charting Your Direction When it comes to charting the direction for your business, where do you look? If you aren’t sure, consider advertising slogans, either one you have or how you can learn from “the big boys.” We all have connections with great advertising slogans: Coca-Cola: “It’s the real thing.” [...]

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How to Use Google My Business

Google My Business What it is, How it Affects Your Website in Search Results and How to Set up Yours NOTICE: Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Google has temporarily restricted service and has altered or removed certain features mentioned in the following post.  Ever wondered how to use Google My Business to grow YOUR [...]

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Contact Page Mistakes

6 Common Contact Page Mistakes and How to Avoid Them Are you making unintended but deadly contact page mistakes? Your contact page might be the shortest page on your site, but it’s certainly one of the most important. Think about it... The whole reason your website exists is to get people to contact you. While [...]

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Strategically Sound Website

7 Steps to Developing a Strategically Sound Small Business Website Sonoma County website design specialist Tim Smith outlines the 7-step process his team uses to build small business websites that attract and convert customers. As a certified marketing consultant, I see web design as a strategic process. Your website is probably the most important marketing [...]

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Website Call to Action

9 Tried and True Tips to Writing an Effective Website Call to Action Are you missing a compelling website Call to Action (CTA)? It matters, whether your goal is to sell something online or just to sell someone on getting in touch with you. A strong CTA often makes the difference between prospective customers acting [...]

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How to Choose a Domain Name

5 Key Tips to Choosing a Great Domain Name If you’re setting up a new business, buying a domain name might not be your first priority as you plan the various other areas of your business operations. However, despite its low priority, it is one of the things that can have a big impact on [...]

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Website Offers: Whaddya Got Fer Me?

Constructing Offers to Convert Website Visitors Let’s talk about how to get someone to do something on your website… Something like sign up for your list or buy something from you. But, before we get into how, let’s clarify what that something they’re doing is called: “conversion.” Conversion is a good thing, because when someone [...]

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