Core Message Development: Because Everything You Say Impacts Your Brand

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Conduct Your Message so it’s Music to Your Customers’ Ears

You work hard getting your message out there. But, if your message isn’t on target, it can be a complete waste of time and money–and fail to generate the leads and customers you need to grow your business.

Many small business owners face this problem with their marketing. They instinctively start with what they WANT TO SAY instead of beginning by thinking about what their customers WANT TO HEAR.

Worse… there is little consistency in their promotional content from one “touch point” to another, resulting in a weak, confusing message.

We can easily recognize this when other businesses do it, but it’s harder to see the impact it has on our own marketing. The answer is a professionally developed, more powerful core message that can be used across all marketing.

Shouting Louder Doesn’t Help if Your Message isn’t on Target

When someone has a problem to solve (a need), their entire information-gathering process centers on their needs. They won’t give your message (your marketing, your ads) any attention unless and until they see how it relates to what’s important to them.

Assuming you get their attention, then they will examine your messaging for specific details to help them determine whether or not your product/service is a good fit.

Business owners typically struggle with this because shifting the marketing paradigm is neither intuitive nor easy. So they focus on what they know–what they want to say. Unfortunately, the vast majority of marketing messaging fails because of this.

A Tight Core Message Strengthens Your Brand and Your Marketing

Our Core Message Development helps you shift the paradigm. We craft a concise, strategic summary of why people should do business with you. It begins in your customers’ shoes–not yours. It digs into the detail of what’s important to your customers. It differentiates you and provides recommended verbiage that should be consistently applied across customer “touch points” throughout your business.

Objectives and Deliverables: Core Message Package

  1. Identify 4-7 leading problems you solve for customers that tie directly back to their needs and emotional “hot buttons.”
  2. Explain specifically why you are better/different from your prospects’ other options in the marketplace.
  3. Identify at least one offer you can make to improve lead generation efforts.

The Core Message is your foundation to create clear, focused marketing messages. The core message document provides ideas and ready copy for various tactical marketing applications, such as sales letters, emails, website copy, brochures, elevator pitch, etc.

Here’s what you get:

  • Up to two hours of consulting time.
  • 6-8 page document that provides compelling reasons for customers to contact and/or do business with you.
  • Specific matrix that addresses what your customers want and how you solve each need, particularly vs. your competitors.
  • Suggested copy points relating to each major customer hot button. Or, depending on the client’s preference, two pages of website copy may be substituted for the copy bank.
  • Identify at least one compelling offer you can use in your lead-generating activities.

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Message Gets Attention, Captures Clients’ Interest

“We have worked with New Paradigm Marketing for almost three years, and can’t recommend Tim highly enough. He helped us organize and develop our marketing strategy and implementations in print, trade show displays, web based advertising, email marketing, direct mail and more.

Specifically, Tim helped us hone our message so it speaks directly to the needs of our potential clients, getting their attention and capturing their interest.

We recommend Tim to anyone seeking to find and develop new customers for their business or venture.” –John Francis Leo, Maraizon International Computer Graphics and Multimedia