Video Tips to Make Your Website More Successful

Want to learn more about how to make your website successful? Santa Rosa web designer and marketing consultant Tim Smith recently presented a workshop at the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce titled “Transforming Your Website into a Lean, Mean Marketing Machine.”

This page presents a series of short video clips from that 2-hour presentation that focus on specific aspects of website marketing.

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Home Page Strategies

Include your value proposition or USP (unique selling proposition) to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Content Teasing

Use your home page to “tease” readers into clicking through to content on inner pages of your website.

Using a Keyword Tool

Using Google’s free Keyword Planner to get approximate counts for keywords you may want to include on your site.

General SEO Advice

Things to know about search engine optimization (SEO) for your website and what to expect. Includes an SEO plugin tip.

Web Page Layout Tips

Tips to consider for text, images and headlines that make your website pages easier to read–for people and search engines.

User-Friendly Layout

Strategies to handle on-page content so you avoid the “wall of text” that discourages readers. Parse it for easier scanning.