Get More from Your Website

Get More from Your Website: 3 More Ways to Put it to Work for You Have you ever considered that your website can wear many hats? There’s the obvious—that your website is probably the most important marketing piece your business will ever have. Yet there is so much more your website can do for you [...]

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How to Choose a Domain Name

5 Key Tips to Choosing a Great Domain Name If you’re setting up a new business, buying a domain name might not be your first priority as you plan the various other areas of your business operations. However, despite its low priority, it is one of the things that can have a big impact on [...]

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Branding on Your Website

Website Design and Your Brand: Does it Entice Customers? Would you take branding advice from a website design Santa Rosa geek? And, what does branding have to do with your website, anyway? As a business owner, no doubt you are keenly interested in acquiring new customers. You hope and assume your website does a good [...]

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WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress Website Maintenance: Who Handles Yours? If I were to ask you about WordPress website maintenance, chances are you would give me a blank stare. “Well, I do it myself,” you’re likely to answer. “After all, I manage my own content.” Or, maybe you don’t do anything with your website. Maybe you just assume that [...]

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Your Site is Not Secure. WTF?

SSL: It's Not Just an Option Anymore... You Will be Embarrassed without One! Have you noticed something different with websites—maybe your own—lately? Something in the address bar at the top of your web browser? Look at any site’s domain name. There’s a little “i” inside a circle that precedes the domain. It will either be [...]

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Website Images: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Web Designer Santa Rosa: 5 Mistakes to Avoid with Website Images Web designer Santa Rosa: Advice on the 5 most common image mistakes site owners make and how to avoid them. If you design or manage your own website, chances are you are making one or more of the following 5 mistakes with images on your [...]

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Making Content Easy on the Eye

7 Tips to Make Web Content User Friendly Santa Rosa web design guy's latest advice… Make your website content easy on the eyes. You want people to read your website—that’s the whole point. Yet, many website owners and even web designers don’t make the connection between that and HOW to do it. This month we’ll [...]

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Get Mobile, or Get Left Behind

Get Mobile, or Get Left Behind on Search Advice from web design Santa Rosa geek: Get mobile, or get left behind in search results. OK, the big word is out from Google. Bottom line: If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you are definitely going to suffer when it comes to search results. So, what happened, and [...]

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