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If you’re looking to improve lead generation and increase your customer base, then you’ll probably need to consider digital marketing. Santa Rosa, CA and Sonoma County businesses that want to reach a larger audience and drive more revenue typically engage in some form of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is an umbrella term under which many forms of electronic marketing get grouped. Essentially, the phrase encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet.

Strategies range from email marketing to search engine optimization (SEO) to search engine marketing, social media and others.

The advantages of these types of promotion include:

  • Targetability– Using keywords in content and/or ads, you have the ability to attract and pre-qualify the kind of prospective customers you want.
  • Timeliness– Most forms of online marketing enable you to target prospective buyers early in the buying process. Because they want information to help them make a good buying decision, they begin researching their purchase and providers before they have made that decision.
  • Measurable– Whether it’s analytics from your email management provider or website analytics (e.g. Google), you can measure various aspects of your campaign. These metrics range from impressions to page visits to conversions and more.
  • Cost Effectiveness– By using the measurement metrics, campaign cost and your gross profit, you can easily calculate the Return on Investment (ROI). Electronic marketing like this is usually highly cost-effective compared to more traditional forms of marketing, like mail or broadcast.
  • Flexible– Because electronic publishing makes it easy to change content, offers and even pricing, you can change your approach easily. This makes digital marketing much more flexible than print, mail and broadcast.

Our Digital Marketing Services

We specialize in two of the most common—and most cost-effective—forms of digital marketing: SEO and Search Engine Marketing, more commonly known today as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing.

SEO involves a variety of tactics on and off your website to improve the chances that it will appear higher in organic search results. Organic search includes the non-paid links that search engines display on a search results page when you enter a keyword-based search.

You can read more about this on our SEO Services Santa Rosa page.

PPC, on the other hand, involves short ads (like Google AdWords) the advertiser runs hoping that prospective customers will click on them to learn more. When the prospect clicks through from the ad to the website, that advertiser is charged a fee. Hence, the term “pay per click.”

With both SEO and PPC, the site visitor lands on the website and, hopefully, meets good content and an incentive to convert. Conversion means taking an action beyond just visiting the site, such as buying, completing a webform, etc.

What We Do

Our role as your digital marketing services provider is to help you choose a campaign that results in more site visits and more conversions—and ultimately more business for you.

  1. Assessment– We interview you to determine your business and marketing goals. We also conduct keyword research and a competitive analysis to provide the necessary foundation to make recommendations for your digital marketing campaign.
  2. Proposal– We present our findings in a written proposal that spells out what we recommend and the cost of a campaign we believe will help you accomplish your goals. Assuming you want to move forward, you will subscribe to the campaign and set up automatic payments that occur each month in advance.
  3. Implementation– Depending on the type of campaign, things proceed differently, but both involve setting up a keyword strategy. SEO begins with on-site optimization and will typically expand to off-site SEO that creates backlinks pointing to your site from other places on the Internet. PPC begins with creation of one or more ads—usually text-based—and setting parameters designed to narrow the target to your defined customer audience.
  4. Maintenance– After the campaign is launched, the early months are filled with careful analysis. Our team will continually make adjustments as they strive to optimize results. You receive a monthly report showing key metrics. Please note that SEO campaigns often take 3-4 months before significant results begin to show.

What about Budget?

We offer SEO and PPC campaigns that start at around $500 per month. Some providers may offer plans for lower budgets, but those are often foreign-based services that don’t meet the more rigorous standards we believe our clients deserve. In some cases, they may use disreputable approaches that can result in your domain being downgraded by Google.

Assuming you are happy with the results, you can continue the campaign as long as you wish.

How to Get Started

In the subscription options on this page, please select the plan type and payment level that matches your marketing objectives. Your payment card will be charged each month in advance for the agreed-upon services.

There are no long-term contracts, although a 90-day minimum applies. You may cancel anytime after 90 days as long as you provide at least 30 days’ notice. Please note that a one-time setup fee applies for AdWords Pay-Per-Click campaigns, and you will be invoiced separately for this based on the number of ads and keywords involved in your campaign.

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